Chance meetings

I headed off early for a meeting in London today. Plenty to keep me occupied on the two hour journey, changing trains at Cambridge.

About an hour into the journey an ex colleague boarded the train. We’ve not met for nearly a year but it was a great diversion from the planned reading to stop and catch up.

One of the subjects of conversation was networking and its benefits. It’s clear that networks matter and the maintenance and nurturing of contacts cannot be underestimated. Sharing information, what mutual contacts are up to and the changes in the market place are always fascinating and help you keep abreast of activity from another perspective. And another person’s perspectives is helpful to ensure you think about an issue or a subject from more than one angle, potentially highlighting something you may otherwise have missed or an alternative approach that may offer a better solution.

Chance meetings are, by their nature, not guaranteed. So ensure you build in some guaranteed networking time with customers, supplies, contacts from other industries, colleagues or like-minded individuals at conferences or seminars, some of which are often free, on a regular basis.

The investment is usually only your time, and it’s worth investing a small amount of your time to gain a new perspective on the future.

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