The marketing map

I recently found a great reference detailing the variety of solutions available to address a marketing challenge and build an integrated programme of activity.

The Marketing Map is downloadable from B2B Contact Marketing’s website and whilst it does not claim to be a comprehensive list of marketing channels, it does offer a great solution to help understand the mechanics available by channel.

The clever use of the ‘London Underground’ map as the basis for the development of the tool enables clarity to be given to linkages that occur between different channels and where mechanics may work well in integration.

It’s certainly worth a look and provides a good starting point for long-term strategy or campaign development.


It’s always an exciting time…a new start, New Year, new house, new job or just the opportunity to start something you’ve not done before.

‘Think, Plan, Do, Review’ is a new blog that will offer thoughts, insights and views on many subjects emanating from the world of work. Social media, the environment, business, technology, marketing, team building…the list is endless.

The blog has a number of purposes: primarily to educate and motivate those interested in the subjects covered, and to educate and challenge the author both in creating a relevant blog and in the production of valuable content on a frequent basis.

It’s about inspiration – capturing and reporting on subjects that inspire me, and going on to inspire others…and this is the first step…the thinking stage, without which planning, action and review are worthless.